Quiet Hours was founded as a part-time business, meant to be a small, welcoming place just like those old-fashioned shops we so seldom encounter any more. The intent was to support hand-crafters and small-scale makers who produce the kinds of toys that provide a respite from the noise and commercialism we are surrounded by today. People who make things with care and attention, and the families who appreciate them, are celebrated here. However, this endeavor was also designed to be manageable for a mother (and a few helpers) with young children and other projects under way.

Over the past few years as the shop has grown, I’ve found that those “side” projects have become an increasing part of my life, and maintaining a balance between them, family and a business that requires tending is more difficult. So, like a lot of parents trying to find a workable solution to the question of how much is too much – too many commitments, too many demands – I’ve realized that the solution for me lies in scaling back one area of my life in order to more fully pursue another.

The shop will close in late 2010.