Viola Studio

February 2, 2009



Like an inspired fairy godmother who takes bits of this, combines them with bits of that and then whips everything together into one enchanting package, Viola Hale is the kind of endlessly inventive crafter who turns our heads. She may not be fashioning ballgowns or changing pumpkins into coaches, but she is making just the kind of exquisitely-crafted cloth dolls we have been searching for. Working with quality reclaimed materials like cotton, wool, leather and fleece, she crafts sweet sidekicks that show just how creative and fun upcycling can be.

Dolls are not the only thing she has up her proverbial sleeve. She also makes soft, spare plush animals that would make charming baby gifts and embellished totes.  As her stash of reclaimed natural materials grows, she is crafting more new items to unveil this spring. Lucky for us, another batch of dolls will be headed our way as the weather warms up. In the meantime, here’s a little more about Viola in her own words:

I can remember watching my mother and older sisters sew and work on many types of crafts when I was young. I live in New York City, but my husband and I have recently started to spend time in upstate New York where I have made my home studio in a small cottage. We were both wishing for a simple lifestyle and were determined to spend more time in the country. After years of making handmade gifts for friends and family, I was urged to start making some things for the public. I just opened my  business recently, and am thrilled with the response. It’s good to know there are so many great people out there that appreciate handmade crafts.

I love working with reclaimed, recycled materials. It’s amazing what one can turn up – anything from leather to paper – and how much fun it is finding it.

You can see the latest batch of Viola’s creations in our Dolls section. Custom options are also available if you would like to design a doll just for your child. 




6 Responses to “Viola Studio”

  1. Simone Says:

    Wonderful!!! Sooo cute!!!

  2. there are many options for baby gifts, but i prefer to give them thsoe cute adorable stuff toys”:”

  3. i love baby gifts and i love to give baby gifts to my baby and also the my sister’s baby :–

  4. Handmade baby gifts in my opinion are the best way to show you care, I love the dolls, so beautiful!

  5. Bruno Says:

    It was great to read through through your write-up. I really loved the few minutes that I used reading it and wanted to leave a comment to state that….Best wishes

  6. Valentina Says:

    Nice selection!!!
    I also made soft dolls. If you want, take a look on my etsy shop:

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