Cool Mom’s Safer Toy Guide 2008

November 2, 2008



I’m delighted to announce that not one, not two, but three of Quiet Hour’s pieces have been featured in this year’s edition of the Cool Mom Picks Safer Toy Guide. Editors Liz and Kristen see just about everything that is out there, and scour the web each year looking for holiday recommendations that are thoughtful, safe, well-crafted and never just the “same old thing”.

This year, you’ll find our hand-carved wooden play food, big wooden train and eco-friendly alder dollhouse from Poland on the list. Be sure to check out their baby section, which is particularly strong this year, as well as favorites from some of our friends around the web: the Riding Giraffe at Mahar Drygoods; Camden Rose’s beautiful play kitchens at Palumba; Clementine Art’s kits from Colorado, Craftsbury Kids, and a whole group of new businesses and shops.

It’s blogs like Cool Moms that help many smaller boutique shops like Quiet Hours get our start. By spreading the word about our products and artists they introduce us to a whole new group of families that might not have known about us otherwise. For small businesses without big advertising budgets this is a real boon, and something for which we are all grateful. So, thank you, Liz and Kristen! And a big welcome to all of you who are discovering us for the first time through the Safer Toy Guide.


One Response to “Cool Mom’s Safer Toy Guide 2008”

  1. flagstaffmama Says:

    I love the Camden Rose Kitchen! I wish it was a bit more affordable though!!!!

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