While we love all the toys and surprises in the shop, there are certain pieces that are especially popular for the holidays. If you are stumped for a gift and looking for a little inspiration, please take a look at the picks below. They are a combination of new items and customer favorites, in a range of prices to suit any budget.

Stocking Stuffers – Gifts under $25





Row 1: Soft Dough ($8.50), Necklace Kit ($12), Little Cars ($18)

Row 2: Felt Clip 1 & 2 ($8), Bunny Paper Dolls ($16.95), Crayon Rocks ($6.95)

Row 3: Moondrop ($12.95), Bath Fizzies ($5 for 2), Rainbow Veil ($18)

Row 4: Silks ($9.25), Shrinky Dinks ($20), Cotton Bunny ($25)






Row 1: Minky Blanket ($38), Peppa Baby Doll ($22.95), Maddox’s Rolling Horse ($23)

Row 2: Grabbing Gnome ($18.95), Print ($12), Bear Bookend ($45)

Row 3: Ice Cream Rattles ($26.99), Lamb Hat ($18), Mary Jane Booties ($30)






Row 1: Pockets Knights 1,2,3 ($9-$17), Shield ($29.95), T-Rex Marionette ($42)

Row 2: Knight’s Helmet ($25), Indian on Horse ($55.45) other pieces available, Little Helicopter ($18.95)

Row 3: Pirates ($24-$36), Cowboy ($18.95), Felt Horse ($24.95)






Row 1: Knit Crown ($26), Paper Dolls ($26), Little Wood Stove ($25)

Row 2: Blossom Rain Doll ($74.99), Cupcakes ($32) or Cookies (not pictured – $28.99), Rabbit Hutch ($54.25)

Row 3: Scented Soft Dough ($3.95), Princess & Pea Set ($95), Little Birds & Peter Rabbit ($10-$30)


Everybody Loves…Customer Favorites

Play Food and Accessories


pancake-breakfastmedia1-changed milk-bottle

Row 1: Apple ($3.60) Knit Watermelon ($9), Market Bag ($14.99)

Row 2: Pancake Breakfast ($34), Enamel Ware  ($11.50-$29) (new colors coming soon), Milk ($4.25)




Row 1: Natural Animals ($11-$63), Bremen Town Musicians (Ostheimer) ($55.40), Deer Family (Georgian Wood Toys) ($52)

Row 2: African Tree ($41.75), Little House ($86), Dollhouse Baby Carriage ($22.95) and other furniture

Dolls & Plush



Row 1: Dress-up Dollhouse Dolls ($24 each) (African American dollhouse dolls are also available), Argyle Pip ($25), Forest Moondrops ($48)

Row 2: Nod the Gnome ($145), Peppa Waldorf Dolls ($22.95-$64.90), Sockaphant ($32)


Holzkram Update – 2008

November 4, 2008



For all of you who have waited so patiently for an update from Holzkram:

There have been several setbacks at this small firm this year, but they have been working hard to catch up on production and fulfill backorders. Unfortunately, the workload is so high that we will not be receiving enough pieces to meet our wait list requirements for this holiday. We will not be stocking any of the larger pieces, such as the Cottage, Farmhouse, Farmhouse with Stable or Castle, but will be getting a large shipment of the popular Little Houses in time for gift-giving.  Currently, we expect enough Little Houses for everyone on the wait list plus additional pieces that will be available in the shop. If you are on the waiting list, you will receive an e-mail as soon as they arrive.

In the meantime, those of you who have your heart set on one of the larger pieces can visit our friends at The Wooden Wagon. They recently received a long-awaited shipment of items, and have a limited supply of all the large houses (and castle pieces) in stock. Or consider Ostheimer’s beautiful farmhouse, which is currently in stock, or one of the new dollhouse styles we have on offer this year.

We hope to be back to regular shipment schedules with Holzkram in 2009. Thank you to all who have been hanging in there with us along the way! If you would like more information feel free to e-mail us at info@quiethourstoys.com.



I’m delighted to announce that not one, not two, but three of Quiet Hour’s pieces have been featured in this year’s edition of the Cool Mom Picks Safer Toy Guide. Editors Liz and Kristen see just about everything that is out there, and scour the web each year looking for holiday recommendations that are thoughtful, safe, well-crafted and never just the “same old thing”.

This year, you’ll find our hand-carved wooden play food, big wooden train and eco-friendly alder dollhouse from Poland on the list. Be sure to check out their baby section, which is particularly strong this year, as well as favorites from some of our friends around the web: the Riding Giraffe at Mahar Drygoods; Camden Rose’s beautiful play kitchens at Palumba; Clementine Art’s kits from Colorado, Craftsbury Kids, and a whole group of new businesses and shops.

It’s blogs like Cool Moms that help many smaller boutique shops like Quiet Hours get our start. By spreading the word about our products and artists they introduce us to a whole new group of families that might not have known about us otherwise. For small businesses without big advertising budgets this is a real boon, and something for which we are all grateful. So, thank you, Liz and Kristen! And a big welcome to all of you who are discovering us for the first time through the Safer Toy Guide.