Moonchild Handwork Studio

August 23, 2008

Berrie Bowen has been a dollmaker since 1990. She began by making toys for her three daughters, but now that they’ve grown past the age of doll play she continues to craft exquisite Waldorf companions for children all over the world. And what dolls they are. I think of Berrie as a creative, mothering force of nature who pours incredible skill, love and attention into every piece that springs from her hands. On any given day she might be making babies, custom dolls, quilts, outfits and accessories, felt hats and crowns, lined Moses baskets or fabric houses for tiny Moondrop dolls. Her inventiveness is boundless, and as any fan of her work can attest: just when you think she’s outdone herself, she’ll come up with something delightful and completely unexpected.

She sent us some of her singular creations over the summer (babies, a gnome and moondrops), and we’re eagerly anticipating a few more additions this fall. If you are looking for a truly special gift that will become a treasured and long-remembered favorite, a Moonchild doll would be second only to something you make yourself. They are handmade in the best tradition: with care in the choice of material (the best natural fibers, cotton and wool); selection of fabric and clothing detail (See the embroidered hat and coat set below.); and thoughtful touches (miniature purses and baby dolls, cloth diapers and quilts) that bring each one to life.

Look for Berrie’s dolls in our Dolls & Plush pages; check out her felt crown patterns in the Fall issue of Living Crafts magazine or take a glimpse at some of the pieces that have come out of her Whidbey Island studio (photos: Berrie Bowen & Quiet Hours). 



2 Responses to “Moonchild Handwork Studio”

  1. David Santos Says:

    Very, very nice posting!!!

  2. oh, i just LOVE berrie’s dolls! they are so beautiful and colorful. and she’s a wonderful person to work with. 🙂 great addition to your already wonderful offerings! ~ shelley

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