Spring Giveaway – KidsHaus

March 17, 2008

I don’t know how your winter was but some of our artist friends around the country reported record snow falls and day upon day of being cooped up indoors. Those of us on the mid-Atlantic coast found ourselves with exactly the opposite type of weather: mild and wet with children pressing their faces to windows in hopes of one good snowstorm and some serious sledding. Either way, we’re now seeing early signs of spring and loving it.

To celebrate, the shop has teamed up with one of my favorite new bloggers, Michelle of KidsHaus, for a spring giveaway to treat one of your favorite kids. There are two prize packages – one geared for a boy and one geared for a girl – with entries being accepted until midnight PST on March 24th. One winner for each package will be chosen and entry instructions can be found in the post. 

While you’re there I’d urge you to browse back through some of Michelle’s posts. She’s been a real supporter of the shop and has a great eye for the unexpected, so I’m happy to introduce you all to her blog. For those KidsHaus readers who may be new to Quiet Hours, welcome! Good luck to all of you who enter. You’ll find photos of the prize packages below:

Girl’s Package: 1 cotton bunny girl from Maileg, 2 felt hair clips (different styles) from One Girlie Girl, 1 set of bunny paper dolls and one sparrow bag kit from Sparrowkids


Boy’s Package1 cotton bunny boy from Maileg, set of 2 bath fizzies from Daisycakes Soap, 1 wooden sports car from Spiel & Holz and 1 set of rainbow soft dough from Mary’s Softdough



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