Valentine peek

January 4, 2008

blog-matryoshka.jpg I had expected to greet the new year on a quiet note, but the mailing-list member “thank you” sale has been a tremendous success and will be humming along until January 6th. I find myself surrounded by packages and toys as if it were Christmas still… The holidays seem to have remained a bit longer than usual.

As much as the engines of commerce are already gearing up for Valentine’s Day – new catalogs coming in the mail, heart-shaped boxes of candy appearing on the shelves of the local grocery store –  I’d like to give us a respite from the relentlessness of it all and hold off debuting Quiet Hours’ seasonal offerings for another week or so.

There are, however, some small sweet indulgences in store. The photo above is a peek at one of the new pieces by Denise Mollison that will be on offer. We missed Denise and her singular Sock Kid creations over the holidays. She was able to send a few dolls back in the fall but if you blinked, they were gone before you knew it.

I’m happy to report that she is back and brimming with ideas – one of which is a new creation she designed in collaboration with her children: a Matryoshka Sock Doll. These girls are about as endearing as they come, made in all kinds of colorful combinations, including some adorable Japanese kawaii fabric from Denise’s latest cache. We’ll be seeing the first batch, along with a fresh group of Sock Kids, next week. More will follow in spring.

Sarah at Diddle Dumpling is also back from a short break and is busy sewing up a brand new style baby shoe just for us. There will be vintage Valentine packs, felt kits from England, and other treats to follow as we head into a year of fresh collaborations.


2 Responses to “Valentine peek”

  1. Alex Says:

    Lovely! I will be posting about these beauties on Monday over at our site. Cheers.

  2. Quiet Hours Says:

    Thank you, Alex! Denise will be thrilled.

    We LOVE your blog.

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