Peace and Joy

December 16, 2007

vintage-angel-blog-big.jpgAs we enter this final week before the Christmas holiday, I’d like to extend my warmest wishes to you and your families. Thank you all for giving Quiet Hours such a wonderful welcome during our first year on the web. Thank you to those who have been here from the beginning; thank you to those who have told your friends and family about us; thank you to the many bloggers who have mentioned the shop in your posts and gift guides (design bloggers, crafty mom bloggers, toy-stalking bloggers – What a great, inspiring group of people you are. I wish I could send a Holzkram house to each of you.), and thank you to the fantastic magazine editors who scour the web looking for good things and found their way to our door.

It’s been a pleasure bringing a little magic and fun to the children in your lives, and I’m looking forward to sharing new discoveries with you in 2008.

As a token of appreciation, many items on the site will be discounted starting at the end of the month, so please stop back and have a look around. There will be an additional 15% discount on all in-stock pieces for members of our mailing list, so if you join up from now until then I’ll be happy to pass along the coupon code. 

The discount period runs from 12/27/07 – 1/6/08.

Peace and joy.



blog-tote-2.jpgblog-tote-1.jpg   blog-lion-family.jpgblog-strange-bed.jpg   blog-florabelle.jpgblog-oswald.jpg

The editors over at Ohdeedoh (Apartment Therapy: Nursery’s new moniker) are celebrating the season, and invited Quiet Hours to join in their month of festive giveaways. I’m happy to oblige as they work hard all year bringing us the best of new child-centric product design, sneak peeks at real nurseries and children’s rooms, information, tips and some serious eye candy.

The QH bag of holiday cheer will be posted Tuesday, December 11th and will include: Cotton & Cloud’s London Bus Tote, a set of Cheryl A Smith’s “Strange Bedfellows” felt finger puppets, a family of lions by Georgian Wood Toys and the winner’s choice of either an Oswald or Florabelle amigurumi plush bear by Ana Paula Rimoli. 

This is one of those pack-and-go sets that make for absorbing entertainment just about anywhere. It can be stowed in the car, toted off to a relative’s house, or stashed away in a grandparents’ closet until the kids come for a visit.  

If the thought of setting foot in one more store or mall makes you want to cower in the corner, head on over to the blog tomorrow and enter to win. Free presents are always a good idea.