Up North – Canadian Family Magazine

November 10, 2007


Post from up north arrived this week, bringing the November issue of Canadian Family magazine. It was my first look at the popular parenting book, and it was a treat to see the work of some Quiet Hours favorites displayed in its pages. Resident daughter Ginger Warden of Golly G Designs was honored with not one, but two photo spreads featuring her Fruit Toddler Tote and one of the beautiful embroidered blocks from her Soft ABC Block Sets. She was in an autumnal state of mind when she crafted up a set of fall blocks for the shoot. We’re hoping these cute little critters will come our way in the next batch of blocks she is sending for the holidays.

If you look closely at the bottom of the lower left picture (girl pushing pram), you can catch a glimpse of one of Denise Mollison’s Sock Kids lounging around the floor with the other dolls. This spread was one of my favorites, along with another of a child buried in a pile of plush animals (lower right). They may not showcase a particular toy but they capture the fun of children at play.

Congratulations, Ginger and Denise!

Rumor has it that the December issue may feature pieces from amigurumi queen Ana Paula Rimoli and the hand-stitched fingerpuppet creations of Cheryl Smith. I’ll be keeping an eye out, and will post any pictures here. Many thanks to the lovely editors at Canadian Family for introducing the shop to your readers.

cf-block-blog.jpg  cf-toddler-tote-blog.jpg  cf-sweater-kid-blog.jpg cf-animal-pile-blog.jpg

                            cf-toddler-tote-detail-blog.jpgToddler Tote detail

                     cf-block-detail-blog.jpgSoft Block detail


One Response to “Up North – Canadian Family Magazine”

  1. Bess Says:

    I subscribe to this mag and I’ve been spending alot of time on your site ever since I got this issue, I love all your toys. However I’m not clear on weather or not you ship to Canada. Please let know.
    Thank You,

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