Indie Magazine Love

November 4, 2007

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In this lull before we all gear up for holiday shopping, I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the publications that chose to feature pieces from the shop in their Holiday Gift Guide issues. I’m blushing over here.

First through the letterbox was Mothering magazine with its annual “Best Natural Toys” feature. Like many of us, Candace Walsh and her editorial staff couldn’t resist Holzkram’s funky Little House, and got in touch. We had a special sample air-freighted to their Arizona offices where it was photographed and now appears in all its pint-sized glory on the first page of the feature. After so much buzz about our German friends, and so many complimentary e-mails from people, I’m thrilled to finally see one of their pieces in print.


As if that weren’t enough to keep things giddy, natural-family-living advocate Kiwi magazine just released its Ultimate Green Holiday Gift Guide with our Ostheimer Animal Babies Set as one of the top “Baby and Toddler” picks. (Also on display is the nifty Tool Rattle Set from our friends at Yellow Label Kids.) As far as I’m concerned, Ostheimer can never receive too much praise. This is a firm that has been doing it right for 75 years – producing beautiful timeless toys with a care for the the environment, the people who made them and the children who will play with and love them. While other companies are jumping on the “green” and “fair trade” bandwagon, Ostheimer has been operating this way all along. They were one of the first to use sustainable materials and non-toxic pigments as well as to provide opportunities for employees (including those with disabilities) to work from their homes. To top it all off, the firm is located in a village in Germany where people can still bicycle to work. 



So if you are discovering Quiet Hours for the first time as a result of one of these magazine features – welcome. Whether you’re a nursing, co-sleeping, homeschooling neo-pioneer-woman kind of mom or someone who is just trying to find some good toys for the kids, thanks very much for stopping by.

*Note to Kiwi readers: There was a mis-print on the price of our Animal Babies Set. The actual price is $54.00.


One Response to “Indie Magazine Love”

  1. Stacey Says:

    Hi guys! Thanks for mentioning KIWI. We love Quiet Hours, such great toys. 🙂

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