September 5, 2007


There is a small window of time when our children are very young that they will believe in the magic found in fairy crowns, moonbeams and every living thing. A field of flowers is a possibility, a wild wood filled with creatures and folk just waiting to be found. It’s a world where animals talk and toys come alive when you leave the room. No matter how grown-up you are, how sophisticated your lifestyle, your clothes or your home, you’ll find yourself wanting to capture some of that magic just to lay it in their tiny hands. That’s why I’m so grateful for artists like Jessica Nicole, and others who contribute to the shop, who take those wishes and transform them into something real.

Jessica’s needle-felted Woodland Crown landed on the doorstep the other day and got me thinking the above sentiments. It is the first in a series of one-of-a-kind dress-up pieces she designed with felted wool leaves, a pink flower, ladybug and dragonfly parading around a wire base wrapped with thin, softened strips of wood. Apparently, I’m not the only one charmed by the imagination that went into this item, because the crown was in the shop for less than a day when it was purchased and sent off to a new home. I love knowing that the crown will make its way into the hands of some delighted little girl, but I wanted to give everyone else a chance to see it before it is tucked away in the Gallery pages.

Jessica, whose second child will soon be on the way, has been busy making some new items for us for fall. I’m looking forward to showing you those when they arrive, and, if we’re lucky, we may even see another crown or two before she takes a well-deserved break. (Update: Jessica’s little guy was born on October 3rd. The family is over the moon and doing well, and Whimsy’s new Knit Produce Set is in the shop, shipping in November.

Meanwhile, another package is winging its way to us across the sea. This one has me particularly excited because it contains 6 one-of-a-kind critters from soft toy maker Ania Jedrzychowska . I’ve been anticipating these fellows for months and am so glad this creative young woman was able to take time out from her summer and studies to make them. Ania has a gift for intuiting what children will play with and respond to most. Each of her handmade animals is tiny (small is always good), adorable and has a distinctive personality all its own. Better yet, they also have matching outfits, accessories and miniature companions to tag along for the adventure. Below is a preview of what will be in the shop come mid-September (All photos are Ania’s.):  

  other-timon.jpgother-blog-chocolate.jpgother-blog-bunny.jpgblog-beret-bear.jpgsnow-bear-again.jpg  blog-bear-puschke.jpg