Here and There, Planning Ahead

August 18, 2007


The new issue of Cookie magazine has hit the stands and I’m delighted to report that two custom items from the shop have been featured in the Baby Gift Guide: Diddle Dumpling’s Felt Scoot Shoes and Nelly Noble’s Little Sock Bear.  What pleases me most is that both Sarah and Nelly are working from home studios, and this recognition by such a popular magazine is sure to give a much-deserved boost to their little cottage industries. Thank you, again, Cookie editors and readers for your continued support. Congratulations, Nelly and Sarah!

Update: Sarah is having quite the month. She has been swamped with orders since the Cookie feature, and she is diligently working away. Although she usually has a finished pair of shoes ready in a few days, the 2-week turnaround time listed in the product descriptions will have to hold until things quiet down a bit. She wants to make sure each and every one of you receives a beautifully-crafted pair of shoes, and appreciates you all waiting so patiently. As an added boost to her spirits, Jenna over at Babygadget has just written a lovely post featuring the Diddle Dumpling Leather Mary Jane and Monkey shoes. Babygadget is a daily read in this neck of the woods. The ladies behind the blog are usually the first to spot something new or original in the world of children’s design, and their reviews are always thoughtful and well considered.


One more tip of the hat goes to the wonderful “Cool Moms” of Cool Mom Picks who have put together a Back to School Guide of practical, stylish and beyond-the-ordinary sundries and supplies to guide you effortlessly through the whole shopping process. I’m proud to say that Jessi Harris’s Little Monkey Backpack, of soft recycled corduroy, has made the list. Jessi is expecting her second child very soon, so I was flattered that she was able to squeeze us into her schedule and send a few of her handmade “Bratsacks” our way. Thanks, Jessi, Kristen & Liz!

As summer is winding down, there is a flurry of activity going on behind the scenes in the shop. Just as we’re all gearing up for our children to head off into another (or first) school year, so too it feels like Quiet Hours is embarking on something new. Although this shop was in the planning stages for a long time it only opened its virtual doors last December. I started late in the season with a small mailing list, so the holidays were busy but in no way overwhelming. As 2007 progresses and more and more families, bloggers and magazine editors have paid us a visit, I am gearing up for a very different experience this year.

I’ve been busy collaborating with new designers, building up inventory and planning ways to make your holiday shopping both festive and easy. New items will start arriving in September, with the majority making their debut in October and early November. Gift packaging options are also in the works, plus a surprise or two. Members of our mailing list will be the first to receive previews of all the good things coming this way, but you can still check back in at the blog for the latest news and profiles.


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