Sweater & Sock Kids

August 7, 2007

blog-2.jpg If there is a child’s toy equivalent of the “cool kid on the block” then our Sweater and Sock Kid dolls may very well be it. An intriguing combination of baby face, sartorial flair and hands-in-pocket insouciance, they have an innocent slouchy charm that leaves us smitten. Each doll is handcrafted from a mix of recycled sweaters or socks and baby-safe embroidered features. They are just the kind of squashy soft companions little folks like to pal around with, and are so endearing I thought you might enjoy hearing a bit more about the woman who dreams them up: 

Denise Mollison lives in Hawaii with her husband and three children, one of whom has special needs. She and her daughter have designed a line of therapy toys that help children with special needs articulate their feelings through play. The Kids are the latest addition to her growing brood of dolls, and have proven such an instant hit that new styles and organic versions are in the works. Denise now divides her time between being a mom, selling her physician-endorsed line of toys at play therapy conferences and sewing up the Sock/Sweater Kid gang.  

Update: A new batch of Kids will be arriving in the store in mid to late October.


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