Cookie Magazine

July 11, 2007


Thank you, Cookie for giving Quiet Hours its first ever magazine mention! I was notified a few months back that the editors had chosen one of our Knight’s Helmets to feature in their summer “What to Give, What to Get” guide. Not only was I thrilled to hear that the shop had caught the staff’s eye but I was happy that they had chosen a piece from one of my favorite small German firms. Fantashion crafts historical fantasy wear for children, and you simply can’t go wrong when choosing one of their pieces. The detail and quality is superb; the clothing is made without the use of harsh toxic chemicals and kids become all giddy whenever they see it. 

No sooner had I heard about the summer feature than I promptly ordered a nice supply of extra helmets. By coincidence, the issue hit the stands just as my family and I were leaving for our first “real” vacation (i.e. requires an airplane) since my oldest son was born. Imagine my surprise when I logged onto the site a few days later from our rental apartment in Germany… Not only had subscribers noticed the helmet, they had snapped up the entire supply in two days. 

We now have a waiting list filled with patient mamas and a new order soon on its way. To make up for the wait, I’ve arranged for a few additional styles to be shipped so your favorite young knight will have his choice of medieval gear.     

So, thank you editors (Kiera C., especially!) for recommending one of our toys and for sending some wonderful readers our way. It’s been a treat to chat with each and every “Cookie mom” I’ve “met”, and I’m very grateful for your support.


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