Twinkle Toes

May 14, 2007

scan-changed.jpg Jenny Linsky dances the hornpipe in Jenny and the Cat Club, by Esther Averill

There were no baby booties in our house – no crocheted pastels or embroidered felt pairs from relatives – just socks and bare feet and, later, 2 pairs of nifty striped Swedish slipper socks that made the boys look like pint-sized sailors about to dance the hornpipe. To tell you the truth, I didn’t miss them. There was nothing out there that was all that interesting. Well, now that crafters have come out of their home studios onto the internet, and with all those funky handmade goods fairs springing up all over the country, those little twinkle toes of yours can be shod in style.

You can still find classic booties like great grandmother used to make, but the ladies who create today’s infant footwear are just as likely to whip up a pair of Doc Martens or cowboy boots. That’s exactly what you’ll find in Heather Drum’s repertoire:  A Washington state resident who channels her talents into creating wildly original baby booties, the proprietress of Heather’s Treasure Box has transformed everything from a high-top sneaker to a pair of Mary Janes into soft knit shoes that are about as fun as it gets in the world of infant wear. Heather is a busy gal these days, so I felt like I had scored the brass ring when she agreed to send along some of her creations to share with all of you. We have a sampling over in the shop now – everything from Birkenstocks to bowling shoes, and some nostalgic classics as well.

dscn8317-changed.jpg Birkenstock Booties

Speaking of classics, let me introduce you to the good old-fashioned workmanship of Sew Easy Creations. A California mother-daughter duo who not only know their way around a knitting needle but also make the most charmingly detailed baby Mukluks. They are busy crafting a few pairs for us and will soon be accepting custom orders through the shop. The booties will be posted on the Home page as soon as they arrive, but in the meantime feast your eyes on these delicious colors and patterns:

il_430xn57057221-changed.jpg   il_430xn63942231-changed.jpg

Finally, out of Idaho comes Diddle Dumpling, the closest thing to a fairy-tale cobbler to be found this side of a nursery rhyme. Sarah Hillgrove uses wool felt fabric and recycled leather to craft utterly exquisite baby and toddler shoes. Her pieces range from Mary Jane-style beauties embellished with felt flowers and embroidered leaves to easy slip-on styles with chirpy bird appliques. She, too, has graciously agreed to take custom orders. Thanks, Sarah! You’ll find some sample shoes in our New Arrivals and Baby & Toddler sections. Choose from several colors and styles, and even customize certain pairs like the “Scoot” style below.

 il_430xn68833041.jpg  il_430xn68893611.jpg


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