Golly G

May 2, 2007



You will find that “golly gee” is an apt superlative for the embroidered soft blocks of Ginger Warden, the newest artist to grace our online outpost and the creative force behind the pithily-named Golly G Designs. Ginger stitches up all manner of delightful things in her home studio, but we are especially thrilled to feature her beautiful block sets as the first addition to Quiet Hours’ growing nursery selection.

We love blocks around here but find the classic wooden ABC sets often leave much to be desired where very young children are concerned. Sooner or later junior will realize that those little cubes make fine projectiles and will start lobbing them across the room at the family pet, or you will find yourself crawling under the sofa for the umpteenth time in search of the missing letter “z”. Not to mention the fact that once the initial thrill of recognition wears off (“B is for ball!”) the toy is often left to gather dust for several years until your child commandeers it for more imaginative endeavors like building block castles.

That’s why we are so pleased to offer Ginger’s inspired alternative for the pint-sized crowd – a set of 3 hand-embroidered soft blocks that baby can squash and stack and cuddle to his heart’s content. We love everything about these blocks, from the slightly nubby unbleached cotton to the sweet, simple designs – a touch retro, a touch Japanese cute – that Ginger so artfully renders.

And if that weren’t enough to bring a smile to your face Ginger has generously agreed to offer Quiet Hours families custom block sets embroidered with your child’s name (see above) and an assortment of happy imagery. Please check the shop for details and pricing options. Thanks, Ginger!

Keep an eye out for more Golly G creations to come:

– a funky block set for alterna-tikes who prefer alien spaceships to apples

– handy child-sized totes that will arrive just in time for summer travels


445260086_41ec0639651-changed.jpg    447460917_61a144f95a1-changed.jpg


One Response to “Golly G”

  1. leslie Says:

    these are gorgeous!!

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