Brown Paper Packages

April 8, 2007


Here are the two fellows who turned up in the boys’ Easter baskets this year. They are marvelously squashy stuffed bunnies – better known as “Oobee Cottontails” – made by Leslie Keating of Onegirl Designwrks in Australia. Leslie is a one-woman band of crafting-designing-photographing talent, and she is the maker of the cult favorite “Oobee” soft toys that I have been stalking for months, just looking for any old excuse to buy. Besides the fact that “oobee” is the cutest name for a stuffed toy ever, each piece a is one-of-a-kind creation stitched up in yummy fabric and pattern combinations, with the sweetest embroidered faces you ever could see.

The Oobee Cottontails are limited releases that come only once a year, so I made sure to contact Leslie when the first two appeared in her shop. It was such a pleasure to finally make her acquaintance, and to discover what a genuinely nice person she is. For those of you who might like an Oobee of your own, there are still a few Cottontails left, along with some of her standard designs like these:

il_430xn61056981.jpg       il_430xn59758721.jpg

I was excited to get our box of Cottontails just in time for the holiday, but things got even better when I opened the package and discovered Leslie had sent along a few surprises for mom as well. Take a look at this lovely sewn card:


It is a vintage dictionary illustration printed on hand-dyed linen and sewn across textured cardstock. This and other styles are available in singles or packs, and are just the kind of small indulgence we all love to treat ourselves to every now and then. What a treat to get in the mail! I can’t tell you how fun it is to open packages around here… 

So I’d like to say “Cheers,” Leslie! To you and all those people who make such happy things, let me extend a big warm “thank you”!

Happy Easter and Passover to all.


One Response to “Brown Paper Packages”

  1. em.s Says:

    i have just received my first oobee, and was so disappointed with my puppy tore it to pieces. the mess was horrendous. such a horrible thing to happen to such a beautiful oobee *sigh*

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