Piratical Hares

April 5, 2007

strange-bedfellows-i.jpg    button_cmp1.gif

Leave it to the fabulous Cool Moms – Kristen, Liz & Co. – to celebrate spring with wit and dash. Instead of fluffy white bunnies for Easter, they have singled out Cheryl A. Smith’s cotton-tail rogue of a pirate bunny (and all his companions in our Strange Bedfellows Finger Puppet Set) as a fellow children might like to spend some serious play time with. They do so with their trademark humor and cheek in a delightful post titled “Getting All Felt Up”.  I opened the review with my 7-year-old peering, unsuspectingly, over my shoulder. Well, he’s growing up and can read and spell now, lest I forget, and didn’t I have a fine time of it trying to dodge the question, “What does that mean?” whilst maintaining a straight face?

Thank you for the laugh ladies, and for the great mention of Cheryl’s felt menagerie! We’ve said it before but it bears mentioning again that not only are her puppet critters adorable but each and every one is hand-stitched with beautiful attention to detail. That alone impresses me when she could so easily whip them through the sewing machine. You can see more examples of Cheryl’s work over in the shop.



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