Bluebird o’ Happiness

March 18, 2007

birds-2.jpg   bluebirdnestwitheggs-large1.jpg

I’d like to extend warm thanks to sisters Deb & Wendy of Circleback Studios for 2 recent blogs. One is a generous plug for Quiet Hours and another, we’re tickled to say, is a love note to Little Elf’s Toyshop’s needle-felted bluebird that first flew in to the shop last Friday.

Deb & Wendy are passionate about seeking out the latest in indie designers and crafters, and share their finds with others at Style Hive, a global shopping community that affords browsers a look at the best in global design. I learned about Style Hive last year and, in a bit of shameless shop promotion, have recently braved some postings of my own. I was thrilled to see people’s response to some of our toys and artists. Style Hive members take pains to support talented folks going it alone, and they know their eye candy. Go see for yourself.

Getting back to our little bluebird, this is just the kind of light-hearted piece I like to see in spring. Holidays and birthdays always have parents scrambling for one big show-stopping toy they hope will light up their child’s life for years to come. While this is an admirable goal it can also be fraught with second guessing and, dare I say it, a slight obsessiveness on our parts. When spring comes along we can let all that go. It’s the perfect time to pick out something small that just plain makes us happy. 

And happy you will hopefully be when we bring you a nest for our feathered friend to call home. (See the picture above and keep your eyes peeled on our Home page for its arrival.)  The pairing will be a collaboration between Kelley Zdziarski, designer of our bluebird and a toymaker for the past seven years, and Patti Michaels. Patti is a whiz at needle felting and designs many Waldorf-style play things and seasonal decorations. I was originally smitten with her “playscapes” which are essentially landscapes in miniature, and look more like art than a child’s play toy. Here are some samples below:




2 Responses to “Bluebird o’ Happiness”

  1. Deb Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. We really do love to find great artists and crafters who are passionate about their work. And then a bonus is finding vendors who sell their products and strengthen the network of indie artists. We will continue to follow you, Little Elf’s Toyshop and others that you all highlight. Happy Spring!

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