Spring Babies

March 15, 2007

blog-baby-changed.jpg blog-african-american-baby-changed.jpg

Spring has us thinking about babies, so it’s only fitting that I introduce you to some of the adorable little bundles that have made their way to the shop in the past few days. I know many of you share my affection for Waldorf dolls with their soft bodies and simple embroidered features. Until recently, the best have traveled to us from far-off places like Germany and South America. While I love these dolls (you’ll see many of them in the shop) I ‘m thrilled to be able to bring you some truly exceptional creations from closer to home – even better, they’re made by a young mom who considers each and every one a labor of love. 

I’ve been following Christina Platt of Bamboletta for some time now. She takes the traditional Waldorf doll and updates it for today’s modern kiddos in ways that are sweet but never trendy. Her guys and gals are dressed in modern outfits that range from dinosaur t-shirts to funky sweaters hand-knit by Christina’s Nonna, and their tousled bed-head hair reminds me of my own two lads after a good day of play.

“Bamboletta” means “little doll” in Italian and was Christina’s childhood nickname. She makes several types of dolls but the stork has delivered us some of her latest crop of spring-time babies. We’ve got blonde and African American cuties waiting for new homes, and a special edition “Emmett” doll for an older lad looking for a companion in-arms.


Thanks so much, Christina, for sharing some of your delightful toys!


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