Not Your Mom’s Box Cake

February 8, 2007

One day the Duchess sat up in the tower, she had listened to minstrels for many an hour. She was bored with embroidery, tired of talking, she hoped no one suggest that she venture out walking.

So she sat in the tower and thought what she’d do while the girls were at school and the Duke busy, too. Then, quickly, she sat up, a light in her eyes – “Why, I’ll bake them a cake – what a lovely surprise!”

So she raced down the turret, three steps at one leap, cleared the help from the kitchen and said, “Don’t you peep. You’ll all be delighted, for I’m going to make a lovely light luscious delectable cake.”  

                                                                   – Virginia Krall, The Duchess Bakes a Cake


Things didn’t go quite so smoothly for the Duchess if you remember this delightful story from your childhood. (If you want to take a trip down memory lane, or have yet to encounter the ditzy Duchess and her 13 daughters, take a look over at Purple House Press where you will discover a trove of classic children’s books rescued from obscurity and brought back to work their magic anew.)

Making a lovely light luscious cake just got a whole lot easier. Fresh from the Twinkle Kids’ bakery comes this extravaganza of a confection that is sure to bring a measure of fun and merriment to any festive gathering of tots and toys. The Twinkle Cake is the ingenious interactive design of two New Jersey moms. Made entirely of wool felt, it has three “iced” tiers and 50 “fondant” decorations that can be used over and over to assemble the dessert of your junior pastry chef’s dreams. Find it new in the shop today – a most welcome addition to our growing pantry of delectable play kitchen fare.


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